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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  July 7, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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it was employees at the palomar that helped identify the man. from the hotel, police followed palomar to napa where he was arrested. >> he was staying with a couple he knew. he was enjoying an evening with his friends. >> reporter: police say they don't believe those friends knew anything about the crime. today police showed us the drawing police say the suspect had taken it out of a frame and packed it in a shipping envelope. police also showed us the clothing worn by the suspect. the owner of the gallery told us he was relieved. >> it was really, really close. had they not found him this morning, we may have never seen the piece again. >> reporter: that man was charged with stolen property, he also had some illegal drugs with him allegedly. as to where the picasso was headed, police say it was in a
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fedex envelope but it was not addressed. so they don't know where this man was intending to send the drawing. sal castaneda, ktvu news. today we know the name of the man b.a.r.t. police shot and killed. his name is charles hill. also today the bay citizen is quoting marlene selero as seeing what what was happening. she told the bay citizen that her view of what happened, the front view of what happened police should not have shot the man who she says just looked like a quote drunk hippy. officers said hill came at them with a broken bottle and knife. police officers voted unanimously to give back a chunk of their pensions. >> police officers are humans too. they have real financial situations themselves. these police officers are digging deep in their pockets
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to help this city. >> a union official says that will mean a nine to $15,000 hit for each officer. the deal is expected to save oakland $65 million over three years. a vehicle flipped in cupertino today but no was one hurt. the load shifted and the load tipped. police was at the scene in minutes to make sure there was no fuel spill. and another crash backed up traffic. the driver of this big rig lost control of its truck which was carrying a modular building. by 10:0 it was still there blocking the two right eastbound lanes just west of the bridge. and the traffic back upstretched for miles. just before 11:00, crews were finally able to move the truck and the building on to the
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fifth street onramp out of the way of freeway traffic. she'll be a free woman six days from now. we told you on tuesday that casey anthony was found not guilty of murdering her 2-year- old daughter caylee. but her sentence and her impending release aren't the only things people are talking about coming out of this morning's hearing. >> the defendant casey anthony is before the court. >> reporter: at today's hearing casey anthony learned her punishment for lying to investigators. anthony's appearance was different than the days she had been in court. viewers noticed she put on make up and wore her hair down. >> her release date has been calculated as july 13, 2011. >> reporter: today's hearing caps an emotional trial that reached a peak on tuesday with
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anthony being acquitted of first degree murder for her daughter's death. >> i'm a retired attorney so i've been following it along. >> reporter: what do you think. >> the state never had a case. should have never charged her in the first place. >> reporter: reporters taunted attorney mason for giving them the finger the day anthony was acquitted. >> do you have any more fingers for the media today? >> reporter: protesters stood outside, this one held up a sign that said jurors 11 through 12 guilty of murder. and the final sentencing today, anthony also learned she must pay a $4,000 fine as well as court costs of about $4,600. anthony will walk free almost three years to the day since her 2-year-old daughter caylee was reported missing. an oklahoma woman wants a
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federal law named after casey anthony's daughter caylee. michelle crowder wants a law called caylee's law. it makes it a crime for parents not to report a child missing after 24 hours. 57-year-old sitsman's body was found in an abandoned gas station. he apparently died of blunt force trauma. at this point no arrest has been made. two men are being held tonight for a fatal stabbing. investigators say lockhart was crossing a foot bridge over the american river when he was stabbed by kevin payne. payne and another man james
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lewis were crossing the bridge when they got into an argument with lockhart. east bay regional park police say that an attack that happened last night was a targeted attack. he was rushed to the hospital and is now on life support: investigators say they do not expect him to survive. pittsburgh police are assisting in this investigation and say the victim is known to police and may have been the target of a recent shooting in antioch. >> the suspect is a pittsburgh resident who has an extensive criminal history including gun charges. >> investigators say they have a few witnesses who heard the gunshots but at this point few leads. the california public utilities commission is hiring more safety inspectors in the wake of that deadly san bruno inspection. the agency says it will hire five natural pipeline inspectors and four other people to access pipeline
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safety. rather assess pipeline safety, excuse me. the new hires along with four inspectors hired in december will double the number of pipeline safety staff that was in place before the san bruno explosion last september. the labor department says the number of people applying for unemployment benefit fell last week to the lowest level in seven weeks. applications dropped to 418,000. analysts say it'll take some time for the labor market to rebound. unemployed homeowners who are trying to avoid foreclosure are getting some help from the federal government. starting august 1st, the federal housing administration plans to allow qualified homeowners to miss payments for 12 months before the foreclosure process begins. the obama administration is trying to revamp it's foreclosure prevention program as it acknowledges that housing has become a financial drag on the economy. the job report combined
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with strong retail numbers helped push stocks to its highest point this year. the u.s. retailers had their best june sales numbers since 1999. the higher sales numbers helped reassure investors. the dow added 93 points to rise above 12,700. the nasdaq closed the day 38 points higher. allegations tonight about what some nummi employees could be doing to try to beat the system. >> looks like a stubborn time fall pattern out there in the bay area. coming up we'll show you where that fog will be tomorrow morning and the neighborhoods that will warm into the lower 90s tomorrow afternoon.
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the new issue of people magazine features exterps from
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from jaycee dugard's new book. she says on her first night in captivity, garrido forced her to take a shower with him. the napa county sheriff revealed a gruesome discovery on a marijuana farm. they found a body, they also found 3,000 marijuana plants. sheriffs believe the marijuana farm is part of a mexican drug
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operation. frank we're outside the nummi officer, i counted seven cars that had handicapped plaquers. nummi says that it is looking into whether nummi drivers are abusing the handicapped plaquers system. earlier we saw a woman in uniform get out of a car with a plaquered in front of the nummi yard. today the san francisco examiner reporter examining at least seven operators. >> it's something to be concerned about and what i can say is we're going to look into it and determine whether or not these are valid. >> reporter: two nummi operators say many drivers are using plaquered that were bought or obtained from relatives. up until three months ago drivers could park their car tp- rs free but now drivers pay $85
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a month to park -- their cars for free. even drivers who didn't have the plaquered had something to say. >> i don't know anything about that. >> reporter: disability plaquered allow drivers to park all day without having to pay. and advocates of the disabled agrees nummi should investigate. >> it's irritating, it's an abuse if it's not legitimate. >> it again raises the question what's going on. how sick are people, how limited are people, and what if anything is nummi doing for their health. if they really have these plaquered legitimate, what's nummi doing for their health. >> reporter: under law nummi drivers must pass medical exams for two years. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a lawyer for the trucking firm involved in that fatal amtrak crash is defending their
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record. a truck slammed into an amtrak train killing six people. today a lawyer for the firm says his client was not at fault in those incidents. governor jerry brown today said his executive order to get rid of unnecessary state vehicles is working but that more needs to be done. the governor says so far the government has weeded out 800,000 vehicles and that will save taxpayers $11.4 million next year as well as bring in $5 million when those vehicles are auctioned off. but it is still only 70% of the governor's target of eliminating 60,000 vehicles from the motor pool. president obama called a meeting with congressional leaders constructive. the two sides disagree over taxes on the wealthy and spending cuts. >> the parties are still far
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apart on a wide range of issues. but, again, i thought that all the leaders here came in a spirit of compromise. >> the president has come out to talk about oil and gas and private jets. he's a little late to the party since in the republican budget we have already proposed a fair, flatter, simpler tax code. >> the president said he would consider cuts. >> do not consider social security a piggy bank for giving tax cults to the wealthiest people in our country. we are not going to balance the country on the backs of america's senior, women and people with disability. >> reporter: san jose representatives lockrhin said any savings found in medicaid and social security should be
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put back into those programs for the needy. senator dianne feinstein announced today she has reached a deal with two states. the proposal would end a 20% tax credit on ethenol. it also eliminating a tariff on ethenol imports. senators from south dakota and south dakota help craft the compromise. the measure would reduce the u.s. deficit by $1.3 billion. senator feinstein today also took steps to stop criminals who prey on immigrants. feinstein says so called immigration experts charge high fees to obtain work permits or permanent immigration status but never file any paper work. senator feinstein said these scams dampen the hopes and dreams of many immigrants and
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deplete their hard earned savings. -- a tour of foreclosed properties they say have been neglected. they say the properties are becoming a blithe. >> we did not come out just to look at houses did we? >> no. >> we did not come out just to see our neighbors, we were glad to see them but that's not the only reason we came out here, right. >> right. >> we came out here because there's some blithe and problems within the community and we would like to see a change. and we would like to be part of a change. >> reporter: the activists called on the city to be tougher on enforcing their anti blithe law. firefighters say luck was on their side when a fire broke out in santa clara county. three acres burned after flames broke out this morning near heritage county drive. crews said it would have been warmer and more windy later in
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the day and the flames would have spread faster. one home was briefly threatened. and turning to our bay area weather, we are seeing the fog that our chief meteorologist bill martin -- our meteorologist mark tamayo told us about yesterday. >> there's fog out there hugs a good portion of the half-moon bay, -- hugging a good portion of half-moon bay, pacifica. as far as current temperatures just updated a big temperature range from 61 degrees in san francisco all the way to the 90s out toward concord and livermore. still hot numbers inland. livermore earlier this afternoon topped out in the lower 90s. our time lapse looking out toward mount sutro. you can see the low clouds basically just pushing into the region. and like i said, we'll be
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watching that as we do head into your friday morning. first thing tomorrow morning, the clouds concentrated cost side also surging locally into the bay. overnight lows most areas will be starting out friday morning in the 60s. oakland 55. as far as our temperature forecast model you can see what happens as we take this into friday. temperatures ranging from the lower 60s right near the immediate coastline. there's the green contour so this is tomorrow afternoon at 3:00. then add inland you will see those temperatures jumping back up. warmest locations approaching the lower 90s. in fact, it shows us nicely with our forecast model here. temperatures mainly in the lower 60s. those readings back up into the mid- to upper 60s right around oakland in the 70s. heading inland you will find more mid- to upper 80s. the warmest locations once
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again flirting with the 90- degree mark. the warming trend coming to a halt by tomorrow. but then by the weekend big changes. coming up i'll highlight the hottest day of the weekend. hall of fame manager dick williams is being remembered tonight as one of the best managers of the a's. williams led the a's to two consecutive world series titles. he died today at his home in las vegas. he was 82 years old. dick williams managed for 21 years and won pennants with three different teams. the a's, red sox and padres. it's a new high tech way to profile man's best friend. >> it's the last thing you want to see when you're in the park. but now there's a high tech solution for the problem of dog poop. and the stunning move today at britain's most notorious to tabloid. what the paper news of the
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world is doing as of this sunday. new at 6:00, we are deep into the fire season and firefighters are losing a critical tool: why calfire has to cut out these big planes and what it has to rely on now. plus, hackers picked an ironic target. the south bay's technology museum. the biggest problem one expert says it exposed. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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construction work on a soccer stadium in the netherlands has taken a deadly turn. a worker was killed when the stadium's roof collapsed dropping steel and other debris. the stadium is 90 miles east of amsterdam. the collapse happened while crews were working on the roof.
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two u.s. soldiered were killed today while working on a checkpoint. 4,471 american troops have died in iraq since the 2003 invasion. the fighting in iraq and afghanistan brought together a group of people for a vigil today. about a thousand protesters stood togetherholding signs. organizers say they've been coming to this corner every thursday since october of 2001 to call for peace. a german immigrant who posed as a member of the famous rockefeller family is in jail tonight. he was extradited from boston today where he was serving a bring son sentence for kidnapping his own daughter. he is scheduled appear in court
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tomorrow. last week prosecutors raised doubt -- the owners of british tabloids news of the world is shutting down on sunday. sky land yard is investigating reports that as many as 4,000 people may have had their phone messages hacked. the eighth and final installment of the harry potter saga brought thousands of screaming fans to london today. fans gathered for the premier of harry potter. many had camped out overnight. most were young adults who grew up with the harry potter series about the boy wizard and his adventures. the movie marks the end of a
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cinematic era. the first film came just about 10 years ago. the unusual supporter who spoke out today about eliminating executions. the bay area's aims research center was instrumental in the development and in the operation of the space shuttle. but wait till you see where it's going in the future. that story coming right up.
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they call it expensive and e ineffective not to mention controversy. supporters of the bill to
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abolish the death penalty has gained support today. ktvu's rita williams joins us now with what happened with this issue in sacramento today, rita. >> reporter: gasia at the state capital today california took a tiny step on the long road toward killing the death penalty. >> california's death row is the largest and most expensive in the united states and it is not helping protect our people. it is helping to bankrupt us. >> reporter: supporting the bill to abolish capital punishment is lorane taylor who's twin sons were shot to death a decade ago. >> the case has remained unsolved. i think the death penalty is another act of violence. >> reporter: california voters approved in 1978 restoring the death penalty even switched sides. >> i fervently believe that capital punishment should be abolished. >> reporter: but a republican
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assemblyman who was a police officer countered the life without the possibility of parol is not a deterrent for many criminals. >> i've arrested 100 different people that have gone in and out of prison, in and out of jail and they could care less. that's where most of their friends are. they don't have to work, they get three meals and a cot, they are fine. >> reporter: reforms are needed to shorten appeals, now averages 25 years. >> we cannot put a price on justice. >> reporter: law enforcement associations caution there should still be the death penalty for killing a police officer. >> you have put a target on the backs of my members and every peace officer in the state of california. >> reporter: now the bill was approved 5-2 in the economy. if both houses pass it, california voters still get
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them their last say next year -- now the bill was approved 5- 2 in the committee. transit officials say they will now make the passes more wide widely variable and no longer require customers to reregister. the pilot program will be extended for another six months. in just about half an hour a public hearing is going to take place. tonight's meeting begins at 6:00, it's being held in the cpuc auditorium in san francisco. weather in florida is threatening to delay the last space shuttle launch. a lightning strike near the pad propertied nasa to check equipment for damage. atlantis and the pad appear to
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be just fine, nasa said earlier. the forecast shows only a 30% chance of acceptable weather at launch time which is about 8:30 tomorrow morning our time. key components of the program were delivered here last. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is in mountain view tonight and tell us how scientists have really pushed the limit over the years and what they've accomplished, tom. >> reporter: this is a national treasure, 80 years ago no less than charles lindburg decided this should become nasa's oldest research laboratory. teenagers hosted by lead america learn about robotic deep space exploration here today. all say they are inspired by the space shuttle program accomplishments. >> i'm inspired by if previous inspiration. and just thinking of how we can build on that and make it even better. >> i always sit there and wonder how would it be like to
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go to space. >> i really want to open my ears and listen to other people, what they are doing and i want to do -- i want to take part in those kind of skills. >> reporter: here at aims, young engineer, scientists and explorers have pushed the limits. here astronauts trained for space missions. here the basic concept of the shuttle's design was formulated. here the heat resistant reentry systems of all u.s. manned spacecrafts were developed. the final shuttle flight will carry seven aims science experiments. and in the future, aims will lead deep space exploration which began right here. >> they are going to try to discover things in space that we can't even think of. >> reporter: aims historian james boyd who started here more than a half century ago
5:34 pm
admires the enthusiasm of these young visitors. the program costs taxpayers just over $20 million. reporting live from nasa aims, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. a young person's political views may be shaped by a simple 4th of july parade. researchers say that the republican party use of patriotic imagery may resinate with people who have fond memories of patriotic celebrations. children will no longer
5:35 pm
have to learn the handwriting in a loop estate in indiana. the challenging labor market is prompting some job figures to get a little creative. college graduate alicia madoxx says she has not had any luck getting hired. so she put on a sign and walked around looking for a job. and a report takes a look at american teenagers. what the snapshot reveals about the habits of teens.
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only at denny's. america's diner is always open. the pentagon has released the identification of a marine killed yesterday at camp pendelton. captain trevor cook was a crew chief of the third marine aircraft wing. five other marines were injured in the crash which is under investigation. the group was training for deployment later this year.
5:39 pm
a dive team has gathered to search through a boat that sunk. one of the survivors is expected to arrive soon, debra villalon has the story. >> reporter: three young friends left this home together for an annual fishing trip, only one will be coming home tonight. >> he's one of my dad's very best friends. so i know this is really, really hard on him. >> reporter: mandy lee remembers they were at a fishing shop when he and mar met. now her father and six other men are missing. and bruce is among 19 pass injures who survived the ship wreck. many headed back to the bay area now. >> he has to come here to his best friend's house and pick up his car and drop off his best friend's car. >> reporter: albert line a
5:40 pm
cousin of lee was also swept away. >> the swim was really hard. >> reporter: survivor greg larn said how he let go of a cooler to swim back to shore. it took eight hours. >> he had a stroke and came up with a bottle of water. >> reporter: levine and two others are returning home. >> my dad would not want it any other way. these are his best friends, and he has always thought us that we don't leave our friends side or our family's side. so it's just not him. we want all six. >> reporter: and this house is still full of activity and optimism with a find our father's facebook page and volunteers here helping to keep the pressure on to keep the
5:41 pm
search going above and below water. we're live in san ramon, debra villalon. >> and we have more on the missing fishermen including video obtained from the mexican navy of some of the missing men. police in grand rapids michigan said a man who shot and killed two different people at separate houses is now holding a hostage. reported to be among the dead are a woman and her 10-year-old daughter. the suspect is 34-year-old roderick dansler who authorities say live at the house where the mother and daughter were found shot to death. wikileaks once again has began receiving donations. the processers said the credit card companies has given no to
5:42 pm
their demand to reinstate their services. the number of inmates taking part in a hunger strike across california prisons appears to have gone down from its high this past weekend. the california department of corrections said 6,600 inmates were refusing meals. but yesterday that number was down to 1,500. they want the department of corrections to change their policies. the mill valley police department is mourning the loss of one of their own police officers. steven gutsch died in his sleep. he served on the millvalely police force for eight years --
5:43 pm
mill valley police force for eight years. not a single state had 20% of population fitting the legal definition of obese in 1995. now only one, colorado fits the the rate. 10% of 8th graders reported using illegal drugs that's up from 8% in 2009. the number of children living in poverty rose to 21% of all u.s. children. profiling dog poop. how one bay area apartment owner could soon use a high tech approach for catching dog owners who don't pick up after their pets. the storms are pushing back
5:44 pm
into the pay. our updated forecast model showing you what happens to the fog tomorrow afternoon. also highlight the coolest day of the upcoming week. coming up new at 6:00, we're deep into the fire season and firefighters are losing a critical tool. one fire department had to cut a very important tool. hackers pick an ironic target. the tech museum.
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it's a high tech solution to an age old and frankly gross problem. a redwood city apartment complex expects to be the first in the bay area to dna print pets. the reason behind dog profiling. >> reporter: at redwood city's
5:47 pm
maddox park they've long battled the doggy's problem. >> they need to clean up so little babies don't walk through it. >> reporter: yeah, it's a problem. >> make sure to pick it up because it makes a mess all over everything. >> reporter: a tennessee company is now offering what may be a high tech answer. you might call it poop print. >> i can hardly wait to get this thing going. >> reporter: apartment owner michaels says dogs in her pet friendly building may be the first to be required for dog prints. she got a kit from bio pet labs. >> i place the paws on the solution, then we match it back to the dog. >> they have to learn how to pick up after their pets. and if i have to put them to shame, then that's what i'm
5:48 pm
going to have to do. >> reporter: she will also bill the guilty owner the $50 testing. >> the people who don't take the responsibility will finally get in trouble for it so i think it's a good idea. >> reporter: the program could start this summer. health and science editor, john fowler. julie haener is in the newsroom now with a look at system of the stories we're working on for ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. julie. >> frank also at 6:00, they are the biggest bird in the sky when it comes to fighting wildfire. the reason these dc10s might not be there the next time a fire sparks out of control. it's a symbol of technology and invasion now it's the target of hackers. the irony behind the crime. plus the beard meets with
5:49 pm
teens what he told them about tonight. the top 11 idol finalists kicked off their live tour last night in salt lake city and they're headed here to the bay area. the finalists including winner scottie mccreery and lauren elena will be in san jose on wednesday. let's talk about our weather now because the weekend is closing in. as we've been talking about this week, seems like the temperatures keep trending down. >> they have been sliding down over the last few days, still some hot numbers inland. but really cooling off at the coast and right around the bay as we come in tighter. the fog a bit stubborn from point rays down to ocean beach and san francisco. right around pacifica, winds have been the key, reversal here on an on shore breeze. you see winds out of the north- northwest gusting to 20 miles
5:50 pm
per hour. that will help import some of that fog. late tonight into early tomorrow morning that is a part of our forecast as you can see for tonight. fog increases primarily coast side right around the bay. tomorrow fog and warm numbers inland. but the weekend more fog and temperatures definitely cooling off. for friday we'll have a northerly breeze. so a bit of a halt in our cooling trend for tomorrow. look what happens though into the weekend, this area of low pressure moves in from the north that will reenforce the cooling trend. more low clouds, temperatures this weekend only in the upper 50s for the coastline. warmest locations inland approaching the lower 80s. here is our forecast model showing you some of the fog first thing tomorrow morning. then we will take this into the afternoon hours, the clouds on the decrease for tomorrow afternoon. maybe a patch or two of the fog
5:51 pm
left over. that is all reflected in tomorrow's forecast beginning at 7:00. 55 to 60 degrees by 12:00 some coastal fog. then increasing sunshine, there's that temperature range about a 30-degree temperature range for tomorrow afternoon. that means the temperature ranges approaching 90. tomorrow afternoon fairly pleasant. san jose tops out 82 and san francisco in the upper 60s right around 68. here is a look ahead, your five day forecast, weekend is rapidly approaching, you will notice a temperature trend. sunday will be the coolest of the weekend and we have cooler temperatures for next week. monday and tuesday warmest locations only in the 60s and the 70s. so get ready for major cooling at least in the long range outlook. >> and is this where we're supposed to be? >> a little cooler than average, especially by monday and tuesday. hard to track. prince william and kate are
5:52 pm
wrapping up their visit to canada tonight. tomorrow they will arrive in los angeles. los angeles police are cracking down on photographers while the couple is in town. they will close the street at the british consulate director's home. the royal couple will attend the reception with the british council general tomorrow. on saturday, william will play in a charity polo match. that night there is a dinner for the british film industry. and on sunday the two will visit the an arts program on skid row and a job fair for veterans. former kidnap victim elizabeth smart has a new job. what she will be doing in her new role. and the skills being honed to help these women change their lives.
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5:55 pm
people in phoenix, arizona are talking about another round of dramatic weather. bolts of lightning put on quite a show. that came after a couple of days of a massive dust storm rolling through the area.
5:56 pm
it traveled 200 miles. kidnapping victim elizabeth smart has landed quite a job. the utah woman was 14 years old when she was kidnapped from inside her bedroom at gunpoint then held captive by a salt lake city street preacher. abc has hired her to be a commentator on missing persons cases. women met with potential employers and also received health screenings today in oakland. >> we want to turn things around for the city of oakland, for the youth, for women and men they need to change their lives. they need lives to be better that's one of the reasons that i'm here is to learn more. >> reporter: the conference continues through saturday. organizers say it will include presentations by ministry leaders as well as experts in the field of business, marketing and health. coming up in just 90 seconds -- >> reporter: a symbol of
5:57 pm
silican valley invasion was a victim of silican valley theft. that story coming up. surveillance camera caught this bold art thief. tonight the call to other local business to beef up their security. it's really delicious, mom.
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an arrest tonight in the brazen theft of a picasso sketch. where police say they found this men and why they think he's the thief. >> tonight we're hearing for the first time from a bay area fisherman to make sure his friends were alive. san francisco police say they have caught the man who boldly plucked a picasso sketch right off of a gallery wall. sal castaneda is in union square and tells us what the police chief suggests that more business start doing now. >> reporter: it's pretty simple, do you see this video camera. you might be able to see it up there, that camera caught images of the man just steps away from the art gallery before he got into the cab, police say it was a huge ol